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Help Desk: 877-797-4736


Cybersecurity, Infrastructure & Technical Support
(877) 797-4736 or (972) 778-9377

Contact the Remington IT Service Desk via the options below.

*Please Do NOT contact the Service Desk Analysts directly.

Step 1- Open a ticket by selecting one of the options below. Electronically submitting a ticket to the Service Desk software is the most effective option.

Option 1 - Electronic submission:
Click servicedesk.remingtonhotels.com/WorkOrder.do. Click Report an Issue or Create a New Service Request to access a New Issue Request
Corporate Users - Use your Windows credentials to log in. The domain is RNET\.
Hotel Users - Use your Citrix credentials to log in. The domain is RNET\.

Option 2 - Toll Free: 877.797.4REM (4736) or 972.778.9377
Option 3 - Email: [email protected]

Step 2 - Provide your information

If electronically submitting a Service Desk ticket, complete the required information.

If calling or sending an email, please include:
  • Your full name, contact # and email.
  • Detailed description of your technical challenge.
  • Name of alternate contact person at the property in case you're unavailable and an Analyst needs additional information.
Please allow time to for the team to manage your ticket. Issues are prioritized by severity. Look for communication from the Analyst (typically an email from the Service Desk, unless email isn't functioning) with your ticket #.  Keep track of your ticket #, you'll need it to check the status/progress of your ticket or you may log into the Service Desk and check the status/progress of your ticket.

Upon completion, you will receive email communication from the Service Desk stating your Ticket has been resolved and therefore, closed. Should the challenge not be resolved to your satisfaction, please contact the Service Desk - be sure to reference your assigned Ticket #

Last Updated - January 2020