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Our revenue management philosophy has two basic tenets:

• More is Better:  We should strive keep all channels open all the time. Discount channels should be managed through length of stay restrictions but they should never be fully closed as we can always benefit from picking extra rooms on shoulder nights.

• Rational Pricing: Our pricing strategies are data driven taking into account historical performance, market intelligence and our latest demand outlook. Our goal is to pick the optimal pricing position for each day of the week to attract more occupancy where we need it and improve yield on peak nights.

SSG Process:
SSG's were put into place to bring consistency to our Group Pricing and to provide accountability for group bookings. The Revenue Management team is committed to support our Sales partners to book more Group business, responding to more than 98% of SSG requests in less than 24 hrs. There is no penalty for submitting an SSG request. Remember - More Is Better!
Click on the below links to access the following documents.

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• SSG Exception and Request Memo

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