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2021 Group Booking Policy

• Delphi.FDC Conversion Recorded Presentation
• 2020 Marriot RFP and Pricing Season- kick off call
• 2020 MarRFP PAS-Pricing & Account Services Call June 20

DOSM Conference Call Presentations
Q1 2019 DOS Presentation
• Q2 2019 DOS Presentation
DOSM Updates 9/10/19
Q3 2019 DOS Presentation

*NEW Action & Marketing Plan Presentation
Q4 2019 DOS Presentation

Pinnacle Training Presentations
IBT Pinnacle 2 Training - July 2019
2019 IBT Training Agenda
• State of the Industry
• TripBAM BTSales Team Presentation
• ZoomInfo Training
Local Account Selling
• 2019 IBT Training  Joining Forces

Training Tools
• Delphi.fdc Conversion - https://stme.in/gexRgnbyGD
 IBT Training Call Presentation February 2019
• IBT Recording - https://stme.in/VO7lEiKu3L
• A360 Basics Property User Guide
• Agency360 Pre-Training Information
• Overview 2017 Pinnacle IBT Training
• Get to know you
• Hotelligence PCC Codes
• Business Travel Account Profile
• Business Travel Acct Profile User Guide
• Saturation Plan
• Saturation Plan ExtendedStay
• Agency360 Agency Targeting Participant Guide
Creative Selling Solutions PPT

Policy & Procedures
Field Sales Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy
Field Cell Phone Policy

Booking Policy
Remington Booking Policies were put in place to enforce consistency & integrity among all associates apart of the Remington Sales Teams. In this document you will find a complete description of our goal setting requirements, group booking process, appropriate account/contract status process, & compliance essentials.
Remington Sales Booking Policy

Credit Memo
The Credit Memo Process was developed to give our selling team members an opportunity to add collected attrition to their booking achievement.
Credit Memo Form
Credit Memo Payment Verification Form

Goal Model Change
A Goal Model change applies when one or more of the following qualifying events take place. Any change in sales and/or catering staff will require a goal update request. Any event that may require a change of total team sales/catering goals, redeployment of segmentation, or any change to goals or segments.
Goal Model Change Form
Goal Model Change Process

Delphi gives hospitality Sales, Catering, IT, and Executive teams the control, flexibility, & visibility, needed to manage and grow business. With insightful dashboards and tools, you get complete control and visibility into the hotel sales & catering environment—enabling you to receive leads via multiple, integrated business channels including competitive market intelligence, manage and respond to RFPs, track every function detail, quote the most profitable business over a period of dates, showcase your venue with eProposal technology, integrate with business critical systems such as property and revenue management systems, and more.
Delphi New User Form
Delphi User Replacement Form
Banquet Check Taxing Information

Direct Bill & Credit Policy
Objective: To establish policy, responsibility and procedures for the granting and control of direct billing privileges.
Accounting Policy Section II Direct Bill & Credit Policy

Shop Calls
Hospitality Softnet is our Shop Call provider. The purpose of shop calls is to provide all associates with individualized training and feedback to help our team members grow into more efficient and effective sales associates.
Hospitality Softnet Consent Form
Shop Call Score Sheet
Shop Call Action new maPlan Template

SSG's were put into place to bring consistency to our Group Pricing and to provide accountability for group bookings, The Revenue Management team is committed to support our Sales partners to book more group business, responding to more than 98% of SSG requests in less than 24 hrs. There is no penalty for submitting an SSG request.
SSG Exception & Catering Clarifications
SSG Exception & Request Memo

Sales Audit
The sales audit involves the analysis of the entire sales process based on the guidelines set in the Remington Booking Policy & procedures & questions listed on the shop call score sheet.
2019 Sales Audit Master
Sales Audit Annual Recap

Review (90 day/120 day/Annual)
To provide comprehensive feedback on performance over the past year or designated time period. Self-evaluation must be completed Department Head signature is required for all merit increases.
Performance Review

We strive to provide our team with the necessary training to become better, stronger, more effective sales professionals. By doing this we will increase our understanding of effective coaching, identify areas for skill development, create a winning culture, & develop and retain our team members.
2019 Training Calendar
Coaching for Performance Brochure

Position Information
Director of Sales/Complex DOS/VPDOS/ADOS
2020 Single Property DOS Bonus Plan
2020 Area DOSM Bonus Plan
DOS Job Description
DOS Interview Guide
DOS On-Boarding Week 1
DOS On-Boarding Week 2
DOS On-Boarding Weeks 3-4
2020 ADOS Bonus Plan (0-2 yrs)
2020 ADOS Bonus Plan (2+ yrs)
2020 ADOS Bonus Plan (5 yr) 
2020 ADOS Bonus Plan (0-2 yrs) CA AK
2020 ADOS Bonus Plan (2 yrs) CA AK
2020 ADOS Bonus Plan (5 yr) CA AK

Sales Manager
SM Job Description - SMERF
SM Job Description - IBT
SM Interview Guide
Embassy Sales Manager Orientation
• Hilton Sales Manager Orientation
• Hyatt Sales Manager Orientation
• IHG Sales Manager Orientation
• Starwood Sales Manager Orientation
Marriott Sales Manager Orientation
Regional IBT Sales Manager (0-2 yrs)
Regional IBT Sales Manager (2 yrs)
Regional IBT Sales Manager (5 yrs)
2020 SM Bonus Plan (0-2 yrs)
2020 SM Bonus Plan (2 yrs)
2020 SM Bonus Plan (5 yr)
2020 SM Bonus Plan (0-2 yrs) CA AK
2020 SM Bonus Plan (2 yrs) CA AK
2020 SM Bonus Plan (5 yr) CA AK

Sales Representative 
Sales Representative Catering Job Description
Sales Representative Group Job Description
Sales Representative Interview Guide

Best Practices
• Strategic sales presentation document
Life of a Contract (Independents & Embassy's)
Life of a Contract (IHG)
Life of a Contract (ISAC)
Life of a Contract (Hyatt)
Life of a Contract Full Service Hilton
Life of a Contract Select Service Hilton (Kristi & Tara)
Life of a Contract Select Service Marriott (Kristi & Tara)
Life of a Contract Full Service Marriott
Life of a Contract Select Service Marriott

3rd Party Resources
RFP Software - CVent solutions optimize the entire event management value chain and have enabled clients around the world to manage hundreds of thousands of meetings and events.

Hospitality Softnet
Hospitality Softnet is our Shop Call provider. The purpose of shop calls is to provide all associates with individualized training and feedback to help our team members grow into more efficient and effective sales associates.

Travel Click Inc.
TravelClick provides innovative solutions for hotels around the globe that increase revenue, reduce cost, and improve performance. We utilize the following systems:
• Demand 360- Demand360 gives you access to exclusive information and in-depth reports on future demand for your hotel and competitive set.
• Rate 360- Rate360 seamlessly integrates ten billion hotel rates from more than 400 sources onto a simple, easy-to-use platform to enable hoteliers to best manage their property's pricing strategy and ensure rate parity across multiple channels.
• Agency 360- Agency360 gives you access to the only comprehensive database of agency bookings on the market, helping you understand the performance of your hotel and your competitive set.
TravelClick A360 User Guide

Zoom Info
For over a decade, ZoomInfo has helped companies achieve their most important objective: profitable growth. Backed by the world's most comprehensive B2B database, their platform puts sales and marketing professionals in position to identify, connect, and engage with qualified prospects.
Zoom Info Training & Best Practices

Sertifi is the leader in Frictionless Business, with innovative solutions for modernizing the last mile of the sales process. Sertifi offers the fastest and most secure way to close business, from eSignatures to online payment capture.
Sertifi Training & Best Practices

Social Tables
Social Tables leading event diagramming, seating, and check-in products provide innovative solutions to handle your complex problems. Not every Remington property is registered with Social Tables. For additional information please speak with your DVP of Sales.

*Please contact your DVP of Sales with any questions.